Nacton C of E Primary School

Building Firm Foundations for Life

Tigers Class

Welcome to Tigers Class! Your class teacher is Miss Smith and Mrs Devereux is the teaching assistant. 


Home Farm Nacton


Today we took a trip on a trailer around Home Farm in Nacton to find out about all the crops that they grow. We learnt about carrots, potatoes, parsnips, onions and barley. We also looked at irrigation machines and talked about the importance of water for growing crops.

Easton Farm Park


We had a great day at the farm meeting lots of different farm animals and their young.

Spring woodland walk


Today we went on our Spring Woodland walk. We saw lots of trees with buds and small leaves starting to grow. We also saw lots of blossom. We were being rainbow collectors and created a spring crown with all the different coloured leaves and petals that we saw.


Emergency buildings 


In DT and art this half term we have been designing and building Emergency buildings. We then used these to create a 3D map.

Blood runner


As part of our in an emergency topic Mrs Henderson came talked to us about her role volunteering as a blood runner.

Fire brigade visit


As part of our topic on the emergency services we were visited by the fire brigade. They told us all about their job, showed around the fire engine and even let us have a go with a hose.

Police visit

Today we were visited by two police officers as part of our in an emergency topic. They told us all about their job role, showed us their equipment including a police van and let us try on their uniform!

Winter woodland walk


We went on a cold walk to the woods to see how it had changed since Autumn. We discovered that most tree were bare except the evergreen trees like the pine. We spotted berries and empty chestnut shells on some of the trees. We heard lots of bird song.




We role played going on safari to Tanzania. We thought about what animals we might see there and compared the landscape and animals to those we found in our local area. We also learnt about endangered animals and what can be done to save them.

We also looked at what it would be like in Antarctica and explored snow and ice. We talked about climate change and what we can do to help stop the icebergs melting.

Autumn Woodland Walk

Today we went on a walk in our local woods. We looked at what we can see in autumn, focussing particularly on oak, sycamore and horse chestnut trees.

Autumn Explorers


We started our explorers topic today by being autumn explorers. We were given an autumn discovery bag to look through and explore. We sorted the things in our bag into those that came from a tree and those that didn’t. Then we decided which tree they came from.

Church Visit

Today we walked up to our local church St Martins to explore the building and find out about the key features of a church. Some of the Year 5 children came with us. They helped us to complete an 'I spy' sheet and told us what they knew about the church.


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the story of Supertato. We retold the story using props. Then when Evil Pea escaped from our school freezer we created our own superhero veggie puppets and captured him!

Our new Tigers have settled really well into school. They have been enjoying accessing all areas of our provision and have confidently taken part in adult directed learning. They have even attended a whole school collective worship already - well done Tigers!


Summer Woodland Walk

Today we went on our final walk of the year to the woods to see how it had changed in the summer. The children were very observant, noticing lots of changes and they enjoyed doing a plant hunt. We also worked on our map skills by following a map and drawing the route we took.

In Art this half term we have been creating clay farm animals. We were lucky enough to be able to work with a real ceramicist to make our animals out of clay. We then painted them and created some habitats for them. 

As part of our work around the story of The Little Red Hen we have been baking bread.

This afternoon we visited Home Farm Nacton. We enjoyed a ride around the farm on a trailer and learnt all about the different crops they grow, as well as looking for sheep. The children were very enthusiastic, listening well and asking lots of questions.

As part of our learning around the Kings coronation we enacted what we might see at the real coronation on Saturday. The children made the different regalia and all took on roles in the ceremony.

Today we had a really fun day out at Easton Farm Park. We met and learnt about lots of different farm animals, stroking the lambs and bunnies and meeting Hilda the pig were definite highlights.

Summer Woodland Walk

Today we enjoyed another walk in the woods to see how it compared to when we went in the autumn and winter. This time we collected natural spring items, such as leaves and buds and made a crown.


Emergency Vehicles

This half term we have designed and made our own emergency vehicles. Can you work out which one we chose?

Fire Brigade visit

Today we had a visit from the fire brigade. They talked to us about being a firefighter and what to do if there was a fire. They brought their fire engine and let us sit in it. They even let us have a go on the hose!

Bones and muscles

As part of our work on doctors, nurses and paramedics we have been looking at our bodies. Today we made an arm to explore bones, muscles and skin.

As part of World Book Day we had a competition to represent a favourite story in any way they chose. These are Tigers entries! 

Police visit

Life Long ago topic

Winter Woodland Walk

Today we went for a walk to see what the woods are like in winter and compare it to what we saw in autumn. The children were all very observant, noticing that most trees didn’t have leaves anymore and that the leaves and seeds on the floor had all gone black and squidgy


Polar Explorers


This week we are exploring the South Pole. Today we went on an expedition to see what animals we could see in Antarctica and then we investigated the properties of snow and ice.

Nacton Christmas Tree Festival


Today we went and saw our tree at the Christmas Tree Festival at St Martins church. We also enjoyed seeing all the other trees that had been decorated by people in the village.

Fruit tasting


Today we read Handa’s surprise and looked at the different fruits in the story. We ordered the pictures from the story and then we tried the fruit in the order they appear in the story. We tried bananas, guava juice, orange, mango, avocado, pineapple and passion fruit. All the children tried all the fruits, even if it was just licking them! 

Special letter!


Today we received a very special letter from King Charles!

Safari Explorers


This week we been exploring what it would be like to go on a safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. We role played going on an aeroplane, building and sleeping in a camp and then looking for animals around the park. We have also been reading 'we are going on a lion hunt.' and have created our own version called 'we're going on a parrot hunt' which we acted out.

Woodland Explorers


This week we have been woodland explorers. We completed a science discovery bag activity where we sorted parts from a tree and found out the different names for the trees. We also used our senses to explore some autumn jelly and used descriptive words to describe what it was like. Then we went for a walk to our local woods to see what it is like in Autumn.

Celebrating Diwali


Today we learnt all about the festival of Diwali. In the morning we learnt the story of Rama and Sita. In the afternoon we had a virtual author visit with the author of 'The best Diwali ever'.  They read us the story and then showed us how to draw a lamp like in the illustrations. We found out all about how Diwali is celebrated too.

Quidditch enrichment day

Visit from Woodbridge Books


As part of our ‘love of reading’ we had Suzie from Woodbridge Books come in to read us some stories. She read us four stories including Owl Babies and Leaf thief. We really enjoyed them.

Visit to St Martins church


Today we went to our local church to have a look around. We completed a 'can you find..' sheet looking at the key features of a church and talking about what people do there.

Making cards to cheer up King Charles


We have covered the news that the Queen has died. We talked about how the Queen was old and what it means to die - that you no longer need your body, you don't need to eat, drink or breath and that we can no longer see them or do things with them. This is in line with advice from bereavement services about how to talk to young children about death. It is summed up nicely in this article on cbbc -

We also talked about how although we can't do things with that person anymore we can remember the good times we had with them and I shared some of my memories of the Queen including the footage of her having tea with Paddington at the jubilee.


The children all listened well and were particularly interested in talking about how they celebrated the jubilee and about the new king. One of the children suggested that the king might be scared taking on a new job and we talked about how he would also be sad because it was his mum who has died. The children then asked if they could make him a card to cheer him up. The children who wanted to spent the morning make cards for the king. We wrote the message together and they asked to write King Charles themselves.

First week at school


Tigers have had a fantastic first week in school. They have all joined in well and made lots of new friends. 

This week we have spent time exploring the classroom, learning new routines and playing games to get to know each other.



Levington Flower and Vegetable Show

Spring Woodland Walk


Putting out a fire


Today we carried out a science experiment to see which implement would be the best to use to put out a fire. We tried a pipette, a water pistol and a spray gun. We used foam for the fire and made sure it was a fair test by only have three squirts of foam each time. We counted how many times we had to squeeze water on the fire to put it out. We found out the pipette was the best because we only had to squeeze water on the fire five times. It was more powerful than the water pistol and spray gun.

National Science week - growth


As part of National science week and our topic on 'In an emergency - ambulances, doctors and hospitals', we have been thinking about our bodies, how we grow and how to stay healthy. We carried out a science experiment to create a model arm to learn all about our bones and muscles.

Police Visit

DT Flap Homes


As part of our Homes long ago topic we made these flap houses of our own homes. The children really took care to draw the outside of their house and four rooms inside.