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Tigers Class

Welcome to Tigers Class! Your class teacher is Miss Smith and Mrs Devereux is the teaching assistant. 

Weekly Timetable

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Home Learning Expectations



At Nacton we have chosen to use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds as our phonics programme. There is lots of useful information for parents about this programme on the Little Wandle website:


Below are some useful documents and videos that give you an overview of what we are teaching in Reception.

Reception Baseline


This half term we have to complete the statutory baseline assessment with all reception children. Please see the attached information leaflet for more details.


Making cards to cheer up King Charles


We have covered the news that the Queen has died. We talked about how the Queen was old and what it means to die - that you no longer need your body, you don't need to eat, drink or breath and that we can no longer see them or do things with them. This is in line with advice from bereavement services about how to talk to young children about death. It is summed up nicely in this article on cbbc -

We also talked about how although we can't do things with that person anymore we can remember the good times we had with them and I shared some of my memories of the Queen including the footage of her having tea with Paddington at the jubilee.


The children all listened well and were particularly interested in talking about how they celebrated the jubilee and about the new king. One of the children suggested that the king might be scared taking on a new job and we talked about how he would also be sad because it was his mum who has died. The children then asked if they could make him a card to cheer him up. The children who wanted to spent the morning make cards for the king. We wrote the message together and they asked to write King Charles themselves.

First week at school


Tigers have had a fantastic first week in school. They have all joined in well and made lots of new friends. 

This week we have spent time exploring the classroom, learning new routines and playing games to get to know each other.



Levington Flower and Vegetable Show

Spring Woodland Walk


Putting out a fire


Today we carried out a science experiment to see which implement would be the best to use to put out a fire. We tried a pipette, a water pistol and a spray gun. We used foam for the fire and made sure it was a fair test by only have three squirts of foam each time. We counted how many times we had to squeeze water on the fire to put it out. We found out the pipette was the best because we only had to squeeze water on the fire five times. It was more powerful than the water pistol and spray gun.

National Science week - growth


As part of National science week and our topic on 'In an emergency - ambulances, doctors and hospitals', we have been thinking about our bodies, how we grow and how to stay healthy. We carried out a science experiment to create a model arm to learn all about our bones and muscles.

Police Visit

DT Flap Homes


As part of our Homes long ago topic we made these flap houses of our own homes. The children really took care to draw the outside of their house and four rooms inside.