Nacton C of E Primary School

Building Firm Foundations for Life

Lions Class

Welcome to Lions Class! Your class teachers are Mrs Plowright and Mrs Beasley. The teaching assistants are Miss Pilcher and Mrs Walker.

Mrs Plowright teaches on a Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Beasley teaches on a Thursday and Friday. They alternate Wednesday afternoons. Wednesday mornings are taught by Madame Keep and Mrs Fathers. 

Curriculum Overview

3 D Art- Designing and making a didgeridoo

3D art work- We used items from around the classroom to create our own 3D sculptures.

Our Fabric Faces- the final product.

The children have used all their DT skills that we have developed this half term, the design brief and their designs to create their finished fabric faces.

DT- Joining Fabrics

The children did an amazing job of joining fabrics by stapling, pinning, gluing, taping and sewing.  We were very impressed with their efforts!

DT - Fabric Faces

Today the children investigated how to make hair using a range of fabrics including hessian, ribbon and wool.  They also experimented with twisting, plaiting and layering materials to add a new hairstyle to their photograph.

Children in Need Day 2023

Today the children wore non uniform or spots.  We also made a huge Pudsey Bear out of pennies and made some Pudsey ears.  Lots of fun while raising money for Children in Need!

Trip to Home Farm, Nacton

As part of our Local Area topic, we visited Home Farm to find out about what jobs can be done in the village and what happens on the farm.  We were able to explore the vegetables that had been harvested and even take some home!  We also saw lots of farm machinery and had a tractor and trailer ride around the farm fields to see the crops and the landscape.

Maths through Art Cross-Curricular Day

"Everything starts with a dot" This quote from the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, and his art works were the inspiration for our day of maths through art.  The children drew and painted concentric circles to create a collaborative artwork.  They named, drew and created Kandinsky style art with shapes.  We also investigated colour mixing through using different amounts of coloured play-doh  to create new colours and also creating colour mix handprints with paint.  The children recorded their findings as colour mixing sums. 

Local Area Walk

We enjoyed a local area walk on a beautiful autumn morning, we walked from School to the Sports Ground to see what features we could spot and also what types of home are in the village.  What features of the village can you tell your adults about?

Drawing and Mark Making

The children have used crayons, pastels, felt tips and art pencils to experiment with different marks they can make.  

Matisse inspired Collage

We found out about the life and collage art works of the artist Henri Matisse.  First we painted paper, which we then used to tear into shapes and create large scale versions of "The Snail" by Matisse

Art- Collage

Lions have looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long as an inspiration for their collages created with found materials.

Moving Mechanisms- Our Finished Product.

This term Lions have learnt how to add movement to a picture using a lever, a wheel and a slider.  The design brief for the finished Moving Mechanism Picture was to :

  • Have a nativity theme for the picture
  • Include at least one moving mechanism (lever/slider/wheel)
  • Make it neat
  • Appeal to young children
  • Create a well made product.

We are really proud of our finished Moving Mechanism Nativity Pictures!

DT- Moving Mechanisms

The children have been learning how to add movement to a picture by adding a mechanism.  They have incorporated a slider, a lever and a wheel into fairy tale themed pictures.

Children in Need Day 2022

To celebrate Children in Need, the children all dressed as what they hope to be or do in the future.

Lions Trip to Christchurch Mansion

Lions had a brilliant trip to Christchurch Mansion to learn about toys old and new.  The children enjoyed playing with a range of old style toys such as yo-yos, diabolo, zoetrope, cup and ball and spinning tops.  They also found out about the toys displayed in the toy room.  They had to match the modern and old toys and try to work out what materials they were made from.

Matching a new toy with an old toy.

PE Enrichment Day- Quidditch

Maths at the Movies Day. Today we had fun carrying out maths problem solving activities based on Shaun the Sheep the Movie

Art- Weaving a sunset placemat

History- Sharing our favourite toys. Lions had a lovely afternoon of sharing their favourite toys with the class.