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Welcome to Jaguars Class!


Your class teacher is Miss Clayton, supported by Ms Patrick, Mrs Nice and Miss Dawson. On Wednesday afternoons, the children are taught by Madame Keep (French) and Mr Sanca (P.E.). On Friday afternoons, Mr Watson teaches guitar.

Tessellating Christmas Trees - December 2022

The Children's Bookshow - Friday 4th November

Today, Friday 4th November, we went to the Wolsey theatre to listen to Hilary McKay talk about her working life as an award-winning author. It was wonderful to hear about her approach to writing and what inspires her. She answered questions from the children, and also those who still had questions to do so via her website (link below). All the children were given a copy of "The Skylarks' War" as well as a signed bookmark.


Click on the links below to learn more about Hilary and the event.


The Children's Bookshow 2022

Hilary McKay

Read the first 2 chapters of The Skylarks' War here.


Upcoming event: creative writing workshop with Catherine Johnson


Catherine will be visiting our class on Tuesday 8th November. We are very excited to learn from an author.

Click the link below to read more about Catherine.


Catherine Jonhson


Homework Geography Projects - October 2022

As part of our topic on global issues, the children were given a choice of homework projects to complete. Below are pictures of the varied work they completed. They should be very proud of their efforts.

Harvest Service - Tuesday 18th October, 10am

Please come in your school uniform on Tuesday 18th October and not your P.E. kit.

Ipswich Town Football Club - Monday 26th September 2022

The children had great fun practising their football skills on Monday when we had a visit from footballer Rob.

Action shot!

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DIVERSITY DAY - Friday 24th June 2022

Today the children learnt about different types of disabilities, including invisible disabilities. We listened to children speak about their disabilities and how their daily lives are affected (see links below).



One of the activities involved the children imagining what it might like to be blind by navigating a trail whilst being blindfolded. Here are what some of the blind-folded children said:

Milla: “I was kind of scared at first, but knowing that I had someone there guiding me made me feel a lot safer.”


Isabelle: “I didn’t have any sense of direction. When I thought I was going forward, I was actually going left of right. My partner made it easier but I had to use my hands a lot to know where everything was.”


Oliver: “For me, it don’t feel that bad as I stormed roast everything. You need a friend you can trust that would actually lead you in the right place.”

Here is what some of those guiding said:


Thomas: “ You were in control so it added pressure. You had to know that your partner would be listening to you and doing the right thing and wouldn’t walk off.”


Maelys: “I had to be patient.”


Zara: “It was quite difficult because if they did something wrong, if was my fault.”



We also learned some British sign language, attempting to sign the Lord’s Prayer after learning the alphabet. 

Diversity Day

So close!

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Even closer!

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Summer Science Roadshow - 16/06/22

Callum proving that you can’t drink through a straw longer than 10 metres.

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Rocket 1

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Rocket 2

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Virtual Author Visit (10.06.22) - book purchased!

The Blue Crystal - June 2022

Performance Dates: Tuesday 28th June (afternoon) & Thursday 30th June (evening).


Jaguars, you have now all been given a copy of the script so you can start to learn your lines over half-term. 


Use the link below to help you learn the songs (I suggest you use an alternative browser to Google Chrome as it may not open otherwise):


If this link doesn't work, try this one (it'll take you to the first song and then you'll see a playlist for the rest):

Zarcon Warriors - YouTube

Stone Age Day - 7th June, 2022 - photos

Stone Age Day - making fire part 1

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Making fire part 2

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Making fire part 3

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Galapagos Islands - Contour Maps - 2022

Nacton Shores - celebration after SATs - May 2022

Geography Homework - coastal erosion - Spring Term 2022

The inspiration for our collages

Geography homework - leaflets about areas affected by coastal erosion - Spring Term 2022