Nacton C of E Primary School

Limitless Learning Nurtured by our Christian Ethos

Meet the Staff




Mrs G Ryan (Designated Safeguarding Lead, including responsibility for Prevent)


Office Manager:             

Mrs C Whitman (Admissions and Finance)


Office Administration:     

Mrs N Byford (Buildings and Premises)


Tigers Class Teacher:       

Miss R Smith (SENCo and Online Safeguarding Lead)


Lions Class Teacher:         

Mrs L Plowright (alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Mrs L Beasley


Leopards Class Teacher:   

Mrs K Henderson and Mrs A Boyle


Jaguars Class Teacher:     

Miss W Clayton (Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Professeur de Francais:     

Madame Keep


Teaching Assistants:         

Mrs J Walker

Miss B Pilcher

Mrs N Deveruex

Mrs A Patrick

Mrs S Nice

Mrs R Fathers

Miss I Dawson


Head of Kitchen:               

Ms Kathy Minshull


Midday Supervisors:         

Mrs C Akers (Senior MDSA)

Mrs N Byland



ICT Technician:                   

Mr P Hughes (Focus IT Solutions)


PE Coach:                           

Mr F Sanca


Guitar Tutor:                       

Mr B Watson (County Music Service)