Health & Safety

Accidents and Illness

When an accident occurs simple first aid is given at school. Every member of staff is qualified in emergency first aid. In cases of emergency we do all we can to contact parents. If we fail in this and the child’s condition causes us concern, then we will call a doctor or an ambulance.

The school, in accordance with Suffolk policy, does not normally agree to administer medicine other than in exceptional cases, e.g. on residential visits, and the school must be satisfied that this is the parents’ wish, that the details of the dosage and timings have been conveyed precisely, and that to do so would have no harmful effect on the child. Parents and carers continue to have responsibility for their child’s well-being at school in circumstances where it is agreed that the head teacher or a member of staff will act on the parents’ behalf by administering medicine.

Child Protection

We take safety very seriously and follow Government guidance; all adults who will be in regular contact with children receive CRB checks.

School Health Service

All schools have a named School Nurse, School Doctor and a School Dentist. Children will be seen by their School Nurse on several occasions – for a health interview, vision and hearing tests.

An appointment will be offered to see the School Doctor if there are health problems relating to school, or if the parent or the School Nurse has any concerns about a child’s health.

Keeping Healthy

We encourage children to keep healthy through active and co-operative play. We offer a variety of fun and healthy activities for playtimes including skipping, ball games, dressing up days, short tennis, table tennis and playing with hoops.

Fruit and Water

All our children are offered a piece of fruit or vegetable at morning break time. Our children are encouraged to drink water regularly and have their own water bottle in class. Bottles are available from the school office.