The policy for admissions is admission is in accordance with the local education authority’s admissions policy, we welcome pupils from families of all faiths and beliefs. If you wish to apply for a place at our school, please make an application to Suffolk County Council or click on the link below:


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The school aims to be fully inclusive. All children are welcome including those with disabilities or special educational needs.

The school supports the requirements set out in the DfES guidance Inclusive Schooling, the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and the Equality Act 2010. In particular, we will not treat disabled pupils less favourably, without justification, for a reason which relates to their disability; and we will make reasonable adjustments so that disabled pupils are not put at a substantial disadvantage compared to other pupils who are not disabled.

All carers of children with formal statements of special educational needs have the right to choose a mainstream school for the education of their children.

The school has ramped access front and rear and accessible toilet provision for disabled users.

Special educational needs

All children at some time may have special educational needs. The school monitors children’s progress closely so that children who need additional support are identified early. Parents or carers are always consulted, as are external advisers when appropriate.

The aims and objectives for children with special needs are the same as for all children at this school:

  • All pupils will have maximum access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum including the National Curriculum.
  • All children need to experience success and a sense of achievement.
  • All children have individual needs, which must be addressed.

It is the purpose of the Special Educational Needs Policy to clarify, both for staff and parents, the means by which these objectives can be achieved. The policy is available from the school office.

Gifted and talented children

We aim to challenge appropriately all our children including those with special talents or gifted abilities. This is through the planning of the curriculum, seeking advisory support when appropriate, participation in a programme of enrichment activities and offering varied extra-curricular opportunities.