Staff & Governors


Head Teacher: Mrs G Ryan (Designated Safeguarding Lead, including responsibility for Prevent)
Office Manager: Mrs C Whitman (Admissions and Finance)
Office Administration: Mrs N Byford (Buildings and Premises)

Foundation (Tigers)

Teacher: Miss R Smith(SENCo and Internet Safeguarding Lead)

Years 1–2 (Lions)

Teacher: Mrs L Plowright

Years 3–4 (Leopards)

Teachers: Mrs A Boyle and Mrs K Henderson

Years 5–6 (Jaguars)

Teacher: Mrs C Pipe (KS2 Lead and Alternate  Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Professeur de Francais:  Madame Keep
Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Butcher           
  Mrs J Walker             
  Ms M Parkin (Pastoral and Pupil Premium Co-ordinator)              
  Mrs V Potter      
  Mrs A Patrick
  Mrs S Nice
Midday Supervisors: Mrs K Dakin (Senior MDSA)
  Mrs V Potter
  Mrs J Webb
  Mrs A Patrick
  Mrs H Brock
ICT technician:   
Mr P Hughes (Penny Lane Computers)
PE Coach: Mr L Fox
Guitar tutor: Mr B Watson (County Music Service) 
Cook-in-charge: Mrs A Sillett (Vertas)

 Local Governing Body

Mrs Angela Laithwaite Chair
Mr Owen Wheeler Vice Chair
Revd Ian Wilson  
Mr Paul Garratt  
Mrs Georgina Ryan  
Mr Terry Wales  
Mr Andrew Williams  
Mrs Andrea Whybray  
Mrs Veronica Potter  
Mrs Clare Faulkner  

Please contact the school office if you require any of the governor’s  contact details.

This year’s Full Local Governing Body Meetings will be on; Thursday 4th October, Thursday 7th March and Thursday 20th June. Minutes of all Governing Body meetings are available to be viewed via the school office.

For further details of when our governors were appointed, when their term of appointment finishes, their interests and also their attendance at last year’s governor meetings please click on the link below.

Governing body 2018-19

Our Local Governing Body is split into a number of smaller committees and working groups. Click on the link below to see the committees and working groups we have and also the governors who chair of these.

Committee and working groups 2018-19

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Multi Academy Trust (MAT) Governance

The MAT has brought together a core group of people with a proven track record of school improvement and experience that is relevant to making the trust a success. They are responsible for its strategic direction and are accountable for the academies to the Secretary of State and therefore determine the level of delegation to local governing bodies so that these can be as effective as possible. Further information can be found by clicking on the link below

Important Governance Documents

Articles of Association

Annual Accounts

Register of Interest

Nacton Scheme of Delegation

School Funding Agreement