Staff & Governors


Head Teacher: Miss J Kidby (Safeguarding Lead)
Office Manager: Mrs C Whitman (Admissions and Finance)
Office Administration: Mrs N Byford (Buildings and Premises)

Foundation (Tigers)

Teacher: Mrs G Ryan (Senior Teacher and Alternate Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs S Gibbs

Years 1–2 (Lions)

Teacher: Miss R Smith (SENDco and E-Safety Lead)

Years 3–4 (Leopards)

Teacher: Mrs C Pipe (Maths Lead)

Years 5–6 (Jaguars)

Teachers: Mrs A Boyle (KS2 and English Lead)
Professeur de Francais:  Madame Keep
Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Butcher           
Mrs J Walker             
Ms M Parkin (Pastoral and Pupil Premium Co-ordinator)              
Mrs A Pledger            
Mrs A Patrick
Midday Supervisors: Mrs K Dakin (Senior MDSA)
Mrs T Cory
Mrs A Barker
Mrs A Patrick
Mrs H Brock
ICT technician: 
Mr P Hughes (Penny Lane Computers)
PE Coach: Miss D Till
Percussion tutor: Tracy Rayner (County Music Service) 
Cook-in-charge: Mrs A Sillett (Vertas)


Mrs Melanie Munday Chair
Mr Owen Wheeler Vice Chair
Revd Ian Wilson
Mr Paul Garratt
Miss Joanna Kidby
Mr Terry Wales
Mr Andrew Williams
Mrs Andrea Whybray
Mrs Abbie Boyle
Mrs Angela Laithwaite
   Please contact the school office if you require any of the governor’s details.
The next Full Local Governing Body Meeting is Thursday 5th October 2017

Record of Committee Membership and Delegation to Individuals